About Us

The World of Work team has over 19 years of experience in education and specialise in work related learning to improve the range of lifelong learning for individuals and performance of businesses within our sector. 
As a vocational course provider, we are accredited by the UK's leading Awarding Bodies which are nationally and internationally recognised for Education & Training and Retail Commercial Enterprise, ensuring that our learners receive the recognition and awards they deserve. Our delivery mode is flexible and can be taught on a 1:1 basis, classroom based, blended learning (online and face to face) and or completed online through our Virtual Learning Environment with Skype tutorials. 

Our aim is to improve the skills and capabilities of young people and adults across the UK and to provide realistic solutions to the training and recruitment needs of businesses in the current economic climate. 

This is achieved through the delivery of high-quality work-based learning programmes, grants and employer responsive funding schemes. In addition, we package courses to suit individuals or organisations to match any new requirements and or continual professional development needs. 

We are highly committed to working closely with all our stakeholders to meet our targets for the intended outcome. 

We take pride in delivering our courses to a very high standard and skill and give value for money, whilst celebrating our excellent success rates. 

Our skills extend to preparing, arranging, monitoring and managing work placement requirements/opportunities for individuals and or providers. 

Additionally, offer a unique range of services to other training providers by supporting the Internal Quality Assurance process from verification to leading the External Quality Assurance visit.

Contact details:

Managing Director Miri Georgiou

The Business Centre
Gor-ray House
758 Great Cambridge Road

Tel: 0203 589 6723


email: info@theworldofwork.org.uk